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Smeaton Lecture

Smeaton Lecture 2012     Tuesday 17 July 2012

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Thomas Newcomen, Steam Power and the Industrial Revolution

Described as an 'epoch making' invention, Thomas Newcomen developed the first truly successful steam engine shortly after 1700.
By 1775 there were around 600 operating in mines across Britain and the number continued to grow despite substantial improvements by engineers such as John Smeaton and James Watt.
In the annual Smeaton Lecture on 17 July 2012, Dr Jim Andrew, Midland Branch Secretary of the Newcomen Society, will examine the historical context of the engine, how the design was evolved by later engineering greats and explain the longevity.

Celebrating the invention’s tri-centenary, Dr Andrew will also cover:

  •  Newcomen's bright thought of using pistons, cylinders and beams to increase the relatively small force available from condensing steam to that needed to raise water from a mine
  •   How study of the engines’ shortcomings led to James Watt making his significant contribution to steam power
  •   Countering some naive stories about how the engine was perfected - solder melting at steam temperatures, valve operation by a boy who was actually a buoy and so forth

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Tuesday 17 July 2012
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97% of attendees polled at the 2011 Smeaton Lecture would recommend the lecture to colleagues.
"The lecture was interesting and informative and the delivery was excellent."  Heather Ho, BAM Nuttall 
"A really excellent lecture - combination of engineering & history." Jo Parker, North Surrey Water