Construction Procurement

ICE, SAICE and Engineers Against Poverty have a strong focus on construction procurement. 
The regulator for construction procurement in South Africa is the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB). All public sector procurement within the construction industry is required to comply with the CIDB’s Standard for Uniformity in Construction Procurement. All contractors that undertake public sector construction works contracts are required by law to be registered with the CIDB.  
The CIDB is currently developing a register of professional service providers. 
The CIDB’s Standard for Uniformity in Construction Procurement requires that only those standard forms of contract that are prescribed in the Standard may be used as the basis for services, supplies and construction works contracts. The NEC3 family of contracts is included in the list of standard forms of contract contained in the Standard.  
The CIDB’s website ( contains: 

  • The Standard for uniformity in Construction Procurement
  • Construction Procurement Best Practice Guidelines
  • Practice notes on a various construction procurement topics
  • Proforma procurement documentation
  • Information about construction procurement best practices
  • The CIDB Code of Conduct for the Parties engaged in Construction Procurement
  • Information on the register of contractors
  • The registration particulars of all registered contractors.
  • A discussion paper on the proposed register of professional service providers.