ICE-SA Panel of Adjudicators

The ICE-SA Panel of NEC Adjudicators has been established to facilitate the timeous appointment of adjudicators using one of two methods (see Using the Panel) by incorporating specific data in the Contract Data in a procurement document. (see Preparing Contract Data).

Any person registered with a local or international built environment council and who has suitable experience and expertise (see Admission criteria) may apply to the ICE-SA Secretary to be admitted to the panel by emailing ( or posting (PO Box 119, Parklands, 2121) a completed Application for Admission and paying an application fee.

Persons who are admitted to the panel will remain on the panel until 1 July. They need to apply to the ICE-SA Secretary to remain on the list until 1 July of the following year by completing an Annual Return and paying an annual fee. Adjudicators who, in the opinion of the ICE-SA, compromise themselves through conflicts of interest or who perform adjudications in a sub-standard manner or not in accordance with the Adjudicators Contract will not be readmitted to the list.

The chairman of the ICE-SA Division may be called upon to nominate an Adjudicator where an Adjudicator resigns or becomes unable to act and the Parties cannot agree on a replacement. (see Nomination of an Adjudicator). The Chairman of the ICE-SA Division will perform this nomination on behalf of the following organisations, which fall under the Division's custodianship:

  • ICE-SA Division
  • Joint Civils Division (the same organisation - a previous name for the ICE-SA Division)
  • South African NEC User Group