NEC Contracts

The NEC family of contract documents is an innovative manner of procuring and managing projects. The NEC approach is based on a project management system that provides a means of maintaining contemporary records and dealing with issues in a short space of time. 

The NEC Family of Contracts consists of the following:

  • Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC3) also known as the "Black Book"
  • Engineering and Construction Short Contract (ECSC3)
  • Professional Services Contract (PSC3)
  • Professional Services Short Contract (PSSC3)
  • Term Service Contract (TSC3)
  • Term Service Shor Contract (TSSC3)
  • Engineering and Construction Sub-Contract (ECS3)
  • Engineering and Construction Short Sub-Contract (ECSS3)
  • Adjudicators Contract (AC3)
  • Framework Contract (FC3)
  • Supply Contract (SC3)
  • Short Supply Contract (SSC3)

Each of these contracts comes with its own Guidance Notes and often also its own Flow Charts. These documents can be obtained from SAICE head office, or from Engineering Contract Strategies.